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The HC6000-PRO Sump Pump Switch offers affordable, professional grade, performance monitoring and control to any sump pump installation. Designed with our tried-and-true pump-switching technology that has been tested to more than 1 million cycles, the HC6000-PRO takes reliability to a whole new level. 


Similar to how a “check engine” or malfunction indicator light works in your car, the HC6000-PRO acts as an alert system for various problems that can occur in your sump pump setup. This high-tech switch offers continuous monitoring of more than 12 key operation elements in addition to built-in alarms that alert you when a problem occurs.


The easy-to-read LCD screen displays real-time information that provides you with a complete picture of how your sump pump system is performing. Tracking these key operation parameters can help you to proactively identify and prevent problems with your sump pump system.


This smart float-switch is easy to install and automatically adjusts to the size of the sump pit and rate of incoming water. All alarms can be temporarily muted, silenced for 24hrs, and disabled individually. Unlike other dual-float switches that run each cycle for a fixed amount of time, the HC6000-PRO’s dual-sensor design makes it highly adjustable, giving the user complete control of where the pump turns on/turns off with up to 12 feet of range.


Tracked Operation Elements:

Pump Motor Current:

  • Real-time pump motor current while the pump is running

  • Maximum motor current measured during any cycle

  • Moving average of pump run current

Pump Cycle Time:

  • How long the pump has been running during a current cycle

  • Maximum time it took to empty the pit for any cycle

  • Minimum time it took to empty the pit for any cycle

Water Sensor Status:

  • Sensor health—The sensor’s ability to detect the presence or absence of water

  • Viability of electrical grounding of water in the pit

  • Sensor failure

Pumping Effectiveness and Readiness:

  • Is the water level dropping while the pump is running?

  • Is the pump drawing current when the run cycle is initiated?

  • Does the system pass weekly self-test cycles?


HC6000-PRO Alarms

The HC6000-PRO does not sound an alarm for everything it monitors, but only sounds an alarm for events that are critical and require immediate attention. Additionally, if a specific alarm isn’t needed in your application, you can disable that alarm individually to eliminate unwanted alarms.


For example, your setup might use a relatively small pump to empty a large sump pit, so it takes a while for the level to drop once the pump starts running. In this situation, you may want to disable the High Water alarm because it might be triggered every run cycle, making it more annoying than it is helpful.


The HC6000-PRO has the following alarms:

  • High Water

  • Pump Motor Amps Not Detected

  • Pump Motor Amps Not Detected During Auto-Test

  • Weak or Missing Ground

  • Water Sensor Status (Dirty, Failed, Etc.)


For more in-depth information about the HC6000-PRO, see the HC6000-PRO Blog Post.


HC6000-PRO Sump Pump Switch and Performance Monitor

    • [PROFESSIONAL-GRADE SUMP PUMP MONITORING]: Ultra-reliable, easy-to-use, and loaded with high-tech features such as a weekly auto-test, an alphanumeric display, hi-lo sensor control, built-in surge protection, and a simple user interface.

    • [REAL-TIME DATA & BUILT-IN ALARMS]: The LCD screen displays real-time data including the pump’s motor current, cycle time, water sensor status, and pump effectiveness/readiness; Built-in alarms will sound to alert you to problems such as high water, dirty sensors, weak ground, and more!

    • [COMPLETE CONTROL OF SUMP PUMP CYCLE TIME]: The dual-sensor design maximizes the pump’s performance by allowing it to run longer, more efficient cycles with up to 12’ of turn on/turn off range. Fewer cycles = Less wear and tear on the pump and decreased energy consumption that can lower your electric bill!

    • [TESTED TO MORE THAN 1 MILLION CYCLES]: Tried-and-true technology that has been trusted by industry professionals for more than 20 years!

    • [5 YEAR WARRANTY]: Manufactured in the USA and backed by an exceptional customer support team that is available to answer all of your product and installation questions!


    HC6000-PRO Instructions

    HC6000-PRO Alarm Conditions & Operations Card

    Sensor Installation Kit


    Patents Pending. All rights reserved.

  • Item Weight: 1.5 lbs
    Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 2.5 x 2.0 inches
    Color: Black
    Output Rating: 120 VAC, 15 Amps, 1 HP
    Alarm Rating: 85 dB
    Power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 2.4 VA
    Sensor Cable Length: 12ft
    Power Cord Length: 3ft (detachable 3-prong)
    Data Retention: 10 Years
    Battery Type: None
    Display Type: 2 Rows x 16 Characters
    Warranty: 5 Years


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