HydroCheck Sensor Installation Kit should only be used for the HC6000v2 or the HC6000-PRO electronic sump pump float switches. Eliminates all stray paths to ground and prevents a “false trigger” caused by water with high iron or mineral content.


NOTE: An additional 3/4” PVC pipe is required for this installation. NOT INCLUDED.

Sensor Installation Kit for HC6000v2 and HC6000-PRO Float Switches

    • Maximizes the reliability of HydroCheck’s HC6000v2 and HC6000-PRO dual float sump pump switches
    • Essential for installation conditions that contain water with high mineral or iron content

    • Eliminates the need to ever have to clean sensors!

    • Allows for easier installation of HC6000v2 and HC6000-PRO 

    • ¾” PVC pipe and HydroCheck sump pump float switch NOT included


    Sensor Installation Kit Instructions

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