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The HydroCheck HC6000v2 Hi-Lo Pump Controller is a universal, electronic dual-float switch that works with all types of sump pumps and utility pumps. Unlike other dual-float switches that run each cycle for a fixed amount of time, the HC6000v2’s two sensors make it highly adjustable, giving the user complete control of where the pump turns on and turns off—Anywhere from a 1/2 inch to 12 feet!


In certain utility pump applications, this precise control feature can allow for the turn on level to be set as low as 1/2” of water, and the turn off level as low as 1/4” of water. When used with a sump pump, the user can decrease how often the pump turns on/off by adjusting the sensors in order to achieve the longest run-time for the pump. This helps to save energy and maximize the pump’s service life (See "Why Pumps Fail"). 


No moving parts ensure reliability. Sensors work in water with debris or high mineral content when paired with our Installation Kit and do not need cleaning. Heavy-duty switch that is rated for 1 HP, 14 Amps. Versatile product that can be used in hydroponics, aquariums, rain harvesting, etc. A good ground reference is required for proper operation (See FAQ for more information). 


The built-in anti-airlock feature (See “What Is An Air Lock?”) will make 2 attempts to clear an air lock by shutting the pump off briefly if the sensor is still detecting water after the pump has run for 20 seconds.


How It Works

The placement of the sensors determine when the control module turns the pump on, and when it turns it off. Following the sequence below, the operation is as follows:


1. When the water is below both sensors, the pump is off.

2. The pump is off when the water is above the Black Sensor (Low Sensor), but hasn't reached the Red Sensor (High Sensor).

3. When the water reaches the Red Sensor (High Sensor), the pump is turned on.

4. The pump stays on while the water is between the sensors.

5. The pump is turned off when the water drops below the Black Sensor (Low Sensor).

HC6000v2 Sump Pump Float Switch with Hi-Lo Dual Sensors and Built-in Alarms

SKU: HC6000
    • Compatible with all Sump Pump and Utility Pump applications

    • Extends pump life—Only float switch with adjustable control of turn on/turn off levels from 1/2” to 20’

    • Sounds an alarm when pump is not working correctly—Helps prevent water damage!

    • No moving parts in pit ensures reliability—Sensors not affected by minerals* or debris in water and never have to be cleaned!

    • Energy-saving, long-lasting and easy to install


    HC6000v2 Installation Instructions


    *Special installation is required in high-mineral content water applications to avoid having to clean sensors. See our Installation Kit for more information. 

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    Product Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.5 x 3.5 inches
    Weight: 14.4 ounces
    Output Rating: 120 VAC, 14 Amp, 1 HP
    Alarm Rating: 80 dB
    Power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
    Cable Length: 12ft


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