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The HydroCheck HC7000 Utility Pump Controller is an electronic float switch that is specially designed to automate the on/off control of a utility pump. Typically, utility pumps require manual operation—plug it in to have it pump water, unplug it when the water has been pumped out—and will burn out if the pump is allowed to run dry for too long. During heavy rains, this can result in having to “babysit” the pump at all hours to ensure proper function. This product is not rated for outdoor use.


The HC7000 eliminates the need to manually operate a utility pump—No more babysitting! The single-sensor design automatically turns the pump on when water is detected and turns it off when the water has reached the pump’s minimum pumping capabilities and begins to draw air. The HC7000 works with utility pumps from all major manufactures, such as Flotec, Simer, Wayne, Ace-in-the-Hole, Rigid, etc. 

Potential product applications include:

  • Basements
  • Window wells
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Crawl spaces
  • Underground telecommunications vaults
  • Boat bilges
  • French drains


The built-in anti-airlock feature (See “What Is An Air Lock?”) will make 3 attempts to clear an air lock by shutting the pump off briefly if the sensor is still detecting water after the pump has run for 90 seconds.


NOTE: Once triggered, pump must pump water for a minimum of 5 seconds for the HC7000 to work. For proper operation, the discharge hose should be of good quality, non-kinking, with a minimum I.D. of 5/8" and should be kept as short as possible (Max. 25ft hose).


HC7000 Utility Pump Controller (Automatic Utility Pump Switch)

    • Makes your Utility Pump run totally automatically
    • ONLY compatible with a 2.5 AMP pump or greater.
    • Turns your pump on ONLY when there's water
    • Can be set to turn on pump in as little as 1/2" water
    • Recommended by most pump manufacturers


    HC7000 Installation Instructions

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